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Meet Steve Lawson

They say things only really change when change is forced upon us and in October of 2010 a change was forced upon me and a turning point was created in my life that would change everything for me !  My name is Steve Lawson and I am a full time marketer and online entrepreneur and back in October 2010 my life was turned upside down as I lost my business, my home.   My background is in the transport and logistics sector and I spent 28 years in that industry.

Previous to 2010 I had spent the previous 12 years as an owner of a transport and logistic business and I worked long and hard for 12 years trying to keep my head above water operating a franchise for a well know UK wide delivery franchise business.   It was stressful and incredibly hard work trying to juggle the needs of my 30 plus staff the customers that I had gained and the Franchisors that treated us as employees of our own businesses.

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Steve Lawson played a significant part In helping me become the man I am today


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