They say things only really change when change is forced upon us and in October of 2010 a change was forced upon me and a turning point was created in my life that would change everything for me !   My name is Steve Lawson and I am a full time marketer and online entrepreneur and back in October 2010 my life was turned upside down as I lost my business, my home.   My background is in the transport and logistics sector and I spent 28 years in that industry.

Previous to 2010 I had spent the previous 12 years as an owner of a transport and logistic business and I worked long and hard for 12 years trying to keep my head above water operating a franchise for a well know UK wide delivery franchise business.   It was stressful and incredibly hard work trying to juggle the needs of my 30 plus staff the customers that I had gained and the Franchisors that treated us as employees of our own businesses.

I was up to my eyes in debt and financial worry and at the end of 12 years as owner and operator I eventually could no longer carry on with the business and I lost everything.  When I look back now some 6 years later I see it as a blessing in disguise as it forced me to change everything about my life and about myself as a human being.

I was humbled I was angered I was scared I was excited in fact all ranges of emotions ran through my mind and body.  With no idea about what I was going to do next and with no money behind me and at the age of 46 I really did wonder what would become of me.

I had worked for myself for 12 years and I knew that I would find it difficult to go back to working for somebody else and so I set about looking on the Internet for something new that I could pursue.

I tried many different things online from eCommerce to Ebay and Amazon and then I started to look at affiliate marketing and then eventually network marketing.   It was a minefield and incredibly overwhelming for me as I had very little understanding of the online world.

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Eventually I decided to start promoting products with network marketing opportunities and over the course of the next few years I began to learn how the industry worked. I learned how to find people that shared the same interests as me and I learned everything I could about online marketing and social media engagement.

It was not easy but I stuck with it I implemented everything I was learning and I started to make progress. In 2014 I partnered up with a friend from Australia and we created our own network marketing digital training business and we gained valuable experience within the industry.

We also learned that owning our own network marketing company wasn’t really what we both wanted and we eventually sold it.

Then throughout 2015 and into 2016 my continued efforts really started to generate the type of rewards I would only have dreamed of and I had my first $50,000 month in the industry back in July 2016.

I now operate multiple income streams and make a fantastic income and am generating 6 figures every year now.  I hope to be able to inspire you to follow my journey and let me help you create your own 6 figure income working online from home with the tools and the businesses that have proved to be so successful for me.